Logical Reasoning :: Number Series - 20 MCQ Online Test Set With Answer & Explanation

Answer Options: Next Question Restart Quiz Some Tips Solving Logical Reasoning Number Series multiple-choice questions (MCQs) involves identifying the pattern or rule governing the given series of numbers. Once you understand the pattern, you can predict the next number in the series or find the missing number. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you solve such questions: Examine the Series: Start by carefully examining the given number series. Pay attention to the sequence of numbers and any variations between them. Try to identify any apparent pattern or rule that governs the series. Look for Arithmetic Sequences: Many number series follow arithmetic progressions, where the difference between consecutive terms (common difference) remains constant. In such cases, you can identify the common difference and use it to predict the next number. Example of an arithmetic sequence: 2, 5,

Which number logically follows this series? - 30 Series based IQ Test MCQ Questions

Answer Options: Restart Quiz Note: Next question will be loaded automatically after answering the question Some Tips In IQ tests, series problems are a common type of question that assess your ability to recognize patterns, sequences, and relationships between elements in a series. These series can involve numbers, letters, shapes, or any other elements that follow a specific pattern. Solving series problems typically requires analytical thinking and the ability to identify and extend the underlying pattern or rule. Here are some best methods to solve series problems in IQ tests: Observation: Carefully observe the given series and try to identify any obvious patterns or relationships between the elements. Look for similarities and differences between consecutive elements. Number Series: If the series consists of numbers, check if there is a consistent mathematical operation being applied t

Public Service Commission First Paper Exam Test - MCQ | Online MOCK Test

Answer Options: Restart Quiz Note: Next question will be loaded automatically after answering the question Some Tips A mock test for the Public Service Commission (PSC) in Nepal is a practice examination designed to help candidates prepare for the actual PSC examination. The Public Service Commission of Nepal conducts various recruitment exams for government job vacancies, and these mock tests are valuable tools for candidates aiming to improve their performance and increase their chances of success. Here is some information about mock tests for the Public Service Commission in Nepal: Purpose: Mock tests are created to simulate the format, content, and conditions of the actual PSC examination. They serve as a valuable practice tool to help candidates become familiar with the types of questions, time constraints, and exam environment they will face. Content: The content of mock tests typically